TCM Improves Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, has been practiced in China for over 2,500 years and incorporates such modalities as acupuncture and massage therapy to alleviate symptoms such as fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression. When used as part of cancer protocols, cancer patients have experience relief from gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue and a lessening of the anxiety associated with diagnosis. In summary, patients have experienced an overall improvement in their quality of life.

This study serves to highlight the growing understanding that a truly comprehensive cancer protocol must include a focus on the whole person, not just the disease that they have. Cancer patients need to attend to their emotional and lifestyle aspects of self as well as their bodies when diagnosed with cancer.

Truly making inroads to healing from cancer will be best served when the paths of allopathic and alternative therapies merge and patients are treated from a whole body approach.  

Nondrug Intervention

Oncobiome: The New Frontier of Cancer Research?

A newer area of study in cancer research further points to the importance of working to cultivate our microbiome. Termed the Oncobiome, research is uncovering how certain bacteria may strengthen our immune system aiding in the fight against cancer.  This area of study continues to underline what researchers in various other areas of health study are finding.  Our microbiome plays a significant role in our health.  And this takes us back to square one.  The majority of our microbiome resides in our gut.  It plays a significant role in our intestinal health, metabolism and immunity. Fed well our microbiome is our friend.  Starved for proper nutrients the delicate balance between our good and bad microbes tips in the wrong direction and opens the door for disease.  A healthy microbiome is cultivated by a good diet and appropriate lifestyle choices and it is far easier to achieve this before disease sets in.


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Tapping Out

For those looking from the outside in, it is reasonable to assume that the toughest part of a cancer diagnosis is the treatments that a patient must go through. This may very well be the case. But perhaps an overlooked aspect of a cancer patient’s protocol is what to do when treatments are completed. More people are surviving cancer today and while the focus has justifiably been on the treatment aspect of disease there is an ever-growing need to attend to the surviving patient. Both on the emotional front and on a going forward basis we, as cancer survivors, must come to terms with life after treatment. And this can be a daunting task. Stacking the odds in our favour to prevent reoccurrence comes from addressing the very same pillars of Holistic Health we look to when striving for optimum health; our body, mind and soul. Our after cancer care protocol must focus on nutrients to strengthen our immune system and reduce inflammation as well as cultivating positive lifestyle and exercise habits to further encourage our good health. Perhaps if post care cancer protocols were incorporated routinely we would not only be seeing the trend of greater survival numbers but also we might just see a trend towards diminishing numbers of reoccurrence. Cancer found a breeding ground in us once. We cannot allow ourselves to perpetuate the same circumstances after fighting so hard. We must be diligent forever thus. There is no tapping out when it comes to beating cancer.

Laughter as Medicine

Lifestyle components of cancer protocols are often overlooked when determining treatment paths. I am not sure why this is so but nevertheless it is. Perhaps the general consensus is that some of the recommendations are just too simple to be of any therapeutic value or the notion that they do not have scientific validity.

Laughter therapy is one such modality that comes to mind and it does have research to back up the intuitive knowledge of the positive power of a good laugh. Laughter relieves stress and as well as boosting our mood has been shown to have a very positive effect on our immune system. And anything that strengthens our immune system benefits our health and aids in the fight against disease.

Here is a great short video highlighting the power of laughter as well as a couple of other tidbits that I am sure you will find interesting.

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Laughter as Medicine