It is a reality for most cancer patients that part of your protocol will involve surgery, chemotherapy or radiation either as stand alone treatments or in combination.  With that said, it is of great importance that patients and their caregivers understand the necessity of preparing for cancer treatments and have strategies for dealing with their side effects.

Preparing your mind and body for treatment coupled with certain lifestyle adjustments can enhance therapy efficacy and reduce both the incidences and severity of side effects.  For instance, as noted in this report, Nutritional intervention and Quality of Life in Adult Oncology Patients by Marin Caro et al Marín Caro MM1, Laviano A, Pichard C 20071:

“Nutritional intervention accompanying curative treatment has an additional and specific role, which is to increase the tolerance and response to the oncology treatment (and) decrease the rate of complications”.

When side effects do occur it is of great benefit to have options in front of you to deal with them.  If too these side effects can be dealt with by natural means, medical intervention may be avoided.

In my own cancer protocol my medical treatment involved surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  As I made my way through each I took both mental and physical notes of what I felt helped me and of those moments when I thought “boy I wish I had known that”.  And it is from this exercise coupled with my professional training that I have created my ebook.

Side Effects Ebook subscriptionChemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery Natural Strategies for Preparation & Dealing with Side Effects of Cancer Treatments is a reference manual for patients and their caregivers to use before and during treatment.  It begins with strategies and tips for preparing for treatments and then moves in to chemotherapy, radiation and surgery succinctly dealing with common side effects by offering pointed complimentary strategies for dealing with each them.

I truly hope that you will find the information that is contained within my book of great benefit to you as you move through your treatments and into recovery.  Click on the button below to download this great resource for free!

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