Lesson Learned

I just posted an article to my Facebook and Twitter called When Pain Persists After Breast Cancer Surgery written by Leslie Garisto Pfaff. I literally read the article and thought ‘By God I am not losing it!’

Without going in to detail the article is about persistent pain following breast cancer surgery. A strong causal theory is damage to the intercostobrachial nerve. The subject matter is extremely interesting and I encourage you to read it but it’s not what provoked me to post this.

After reading this article I felt rather stupid. Although I don’t suffer with pain since my surgery, I always have a tenderness running down my side. But in light of the bigger picture I felt this was a somewhat trivial thing and didn’t bring it up to any of my doctors. But here is the question: WHY NOT?! Getting that explanation 4 years ago would have greatly set my mind at ease and gone a long way to explaining other minor things that I have experienced.

Being hit between the eyes with this just brought home to me something I so easily ascribe to others. Personal advocacy is key to healing. Our health is our own responsibility.  Yes we have a team to guide us along the way but we drive the ship.

So sadly I learned today that I am victim of the old adage ‘Do as I say and not as I do’. But I am coming clean with the hope that a short article has led me to a greater lesson.


Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.  This is a space created to share with you my personal reflections, random tidbits and information on things that I hope will help you achieve your best health.

Our health is a precious and precarious gift and often times our interest in it is a knee jerk reaction to a health challenge.   Such was my case.  I ate well.  I exercised regularly.  And I was happy.  Things were going just fine until one day I found a small lump that forever has changed my outlook on health and how to achieve it.  I took a deep dive in to Holistic Nutrition and decided along the way to become a Cancer Coach.

There are many paths that can lead us to our destination and I hope that within these posts you find something that makes sense of the road you are on.