Having Cathy as my nutritionist and post breast cancer coach has
provided me with a wonderful tool in my journey to remain healthy.
Cathy is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to put information
into context that I can use and understand.  One of the most
invaluable components of working with Cathy are the meal plans created
based on my specific health needs and tailored to my dietary
preferences. The meal plans have been instrumental in my recovery
process as they are realistic, workable, affordable and delicious!  I
met Cathy after my cancer diagnosis and she has provided me with
protocols during each step of the cancer process, from nutritional
support during chemotherapy and radiation treatment, to creating a
program to reduce side effects of ongoing medication and the
implementation of a preventative regime.  Cathy takes time to listen to my
questions and concerns and provides realistic strategies to deal with
the daily struggles.  Cathy is supportive and enthusiastic and
provides continued knowledge and guidance as I take steps to greater
Cathy, you are my secret weapon and I thank you for all you have taught me!