I was referred to Cathy Biase through a friend/co-worker. Dealing with the medical system / doctors for 30 years and
frustrated as medication wasn’t working or diets suggested. It wasn’t long for me to decide that Cathy Biase was the
individual  I needed guidance from. 
 I decided to give Cathy a try and listen to her take on my condition. At my first appointment she clearly explained
everything and planned out an approach to better health. Within a week, I was seeing a difference and to this day still am
on a better track to optimal health. 
I first met Cathy in April and have continued my nutritional care with her. She actively listens to your concerns, gives you
her feedback and also you opportunity to be a director of your health care. Cathy is very open to emails and feedback
outside of appointments which gives me comfort that I don’t need to wait until the next appointment  if I need quick
If you want to invest in your health, invest your time in Cathy Biase, you will glad you did!