This Week On TheHealthHub… Driving Will Power Through Why Power with David Greenwalt

David Greenwalt is a Certified Wellness Coach, fitness expert, and author. He is a husband, father, former police officer, gym owner, competitive state-level bodybuilder, and powerlifter. In 1997, at age 32 and a body weight of 235 pounds, David discovered an evidence-based approach for getting off his own 50 excess pounds and keeping it off for 25 years and counting. Since 1999, through his company Leanness Lifestyle University, David has been helping student members, from every walk of life, get the truth, and strategies, to lose excess fat one more time for the last time.

Learning points:
      • Why is the adage ‘calories in – calories out’ not the complete picture for weight loss?
      • Why is eating real food key for achieving weight loss goals?
      • How can we drive our will power by digging down to find our ‘Why Power”?

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