This Week On The Health Hub…Memories, Memoirs And The Arc Of Life with Dr. Lloyd Sederer

Lloyd Sederer is a psychiatrist and a public health doctor who has held among the most prestigious jobs in his field: Medical Director of a Harvard teaching hospital, Mental Health Commissioner of NYC, Chief Medical Officer for mental health for NYS, and medical editor for Mental Health for the Huff Post. Sederer’s last book (Scribner 2018) was The Addiction Solution: Treating Our Dependence on Opioids and Other Drugs. His is an improbable life, which his new book (#13!) reveals in stories from his youth, each with an essay about their relevance to our lives today. Ink-Stained For Life, is its title.

Learning Points:

  • How our experiences lay the foundation for our life
  • How the improbable can become probable
  • How our past has relevance for our present

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