This Week On The Health Hub…The Paradox of Longevity with Daniel Kennedy

Daniel E. Kennedy is a healthcare executive, counselor, author and filmmaker. His passion for disease prevention was ignited professionally while working with thousands of cancer patients, and personally, by witnessing the cancer and heart disease related deaths of his grandmother, uncle, aunt and father. His philosophy is simple — it’s not good enough to live a long sick life when there’s the opportunity to live a healthy long life. Through the process of writing and host-writing 15 books on cancer and heart health, Daniel honed the skills necessary to create, write and direct the 8-episode Healthy Long Life documentary series. His relationships with researchers and clinicians, developed over the last three decades, has given him access to the world’s top experts on healthy life expectancy. The Healthy Long Life documentary series is a global celebration of life, food, ancient healing traditions, dance and music. It’s a feast for the eyes, and food for the brain. It uncovers longevity and health secrets around the world.

Learning Points:

  • What is the paradox of longevity?
  • What is key to living a healthy long life?
  • How can curiosity inspire better health for us?

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