This Week on The Health Hub…Be Afraid: The Science of Fear CBC Documentary Interview with Writer & Director Roberto Verdecchia

Almost everyone has at least one fear.  It’s often irrational, crippling and one of our most basic emotions.  But what exactly is fear?  What triggers our fear threshold?  Why are we repelled by some things and not others?  The new documentary by Roberto Verdecchia Be Afraid:  The Science of Fear answers many of these questions.  It’s an entertaining and informative look into the roots of what scares us and why. Roberto Verdecchia is an award-winning documentary director-writer-producer. For more than 25 years, he has worked on an incredibly wide range of documentaries, all the way from indigenous rights in the Amazon,  the wild insect life inside your home, high-speed particle physics, and mountain gorillas, to the mystery of what killed Edgar Allan Poe (where he also starred as Poe himself).  Aside from making movies, Roberto Verdecchia has also developed numerous social and environmental projects, from neighbourhood newspapers in Toronto to nonviolence training in Sierra Leone. He lives in Toronto with his partner, daughter and dog.


Learning Points:

  • Is fear innate or learned?
  • Is fear a necessary emotion?
  • Can we overcome our fears?

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