This Week On The Health Hub…An Introduction To Ayurveda with Sharon Niemi

Sharon Niemi has two passions. The first one she found early in life; Quality Engineering. She spent decades focusing on how to make things better faster with minimal waste and effort. Her second passion was found later in life; Ayurveda ~ the science of health and longevity. She has spent the last fifteen years dedicated to helping and teaching others how to improve their quality of life, naturally. Sharon has found a way to combine these two incredibly unique and powerful sciences into one synergistic system of health and healing. This integration revolutionizes how to approach wellness so that you can experience better health faster.

Learning points:
  • What is the history of Ayurveda?
  • How do we determine our Dosha?
  • How can Ayurveda be applied to all areas of our health?

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