This Week On TheHealthHub…Circuit Training For Maximum Workout Efficiency With Bryce Henson

Bryce Henson, CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, the world’s fastest-growing fitness boot camp franchise.  Bryce has nearly 15 years of experience in the fitness industry and owning 2 Fit Body locations, and is passionate about spreading fitness to the world. This is in addition to mentoring fitness professionals on how to grow their businesses and change more lives in their local communities.  He is committed to inspiring and educating audiences on how to improve their lives by improving their fitness.  Through Fit Body Boot Camp’s World Wide Transformation Challenges, Bryce has overseen their global clients lose nearly a million pounds of weight loss. And more importantly is helping offset the obesity pandemic and provide more health and life to his following.  Bryce also co-leads Fit Body Mastermind Group, an exclusive coaching group for high performing fitness professionals.  Bryce was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Michigan and has spent most of his adult life in California. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently, having lived in Florianopolis, Brazil. He holds citizenship in the United States and Portugal. He enjoys world travel and is a fitness expert, coach, author, and inspirational leader.

Learning points:
    1. What are key benefits of Circuit & HIIT training?
    2. Why is it so important to build lean muscle mass?
    3. Why should you consider having a coach along with you on your fitness journey?

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