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This Week On The Health Hub…Inside The Great Vaccine Race with Dugald Maudsley

Dugald Maudsley is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is also Creative Director of Infield Fly Productions, a Toronto-based independent that creates blue chip science and natural history documentaries for broadcasters around the world.
At Infield Fly Productions, Dugald helped create the popular series Myth or Science for The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, on CBC Television. It has been broadcast in more than 50 countries. 
Dugald has created and produced highly acclaimed series, feature documentaries and one off documentaries. He’s currently working on films about the pandemic, climate change and a three part series for Netflix, Sky TV and the CBC on the unique way animals use sound to survive.
Over a 30-year career Dugald has been an on-air national reporter and produced documentaries from many of the world’s war zones. His interest in real life, personal stories comes from a career of traveling the globe to make films on subjects as varied as the HIV crisis in Africa, the war on heroin in Pakistan, and Saddam Hussein’s oppression of the Kurds.
He began working as a television journalist in New Zealand before joining the Australia ABC. Here he won the country’s highest journalism award for a series on the Russian coup before becoming the executive producer of a prime time documentary series called Foreign Correspondent. In this role Dugald oversaw the production of more than 120 hours of programming that garnered dozens of international awards.
In 2006, Dugald created the Gemini-nominated genealogy series Ancestors in the Attic for History Television.  During four successful seasons he produced 49 documentaries shot around the world from Canada’s high Arctic to West Africa, China and Belarus.
Dugald also helped produce a four part series on wildlife trafficking for Nat Geo Wild in the United States, and another documentary on human trafficking for Explorer on the National Geographic Channel.
Infield Fly Productions has been honoured with numerous awards including three prestigious Canadian Screen Awards, the Documentary POV Award at the 2021 Yorkton Film Festival and a Jackson Hole Science Media Award.

Talking Points:
  • The unprecedented level of collaboration between scientists involved in COVID vaccine research
  • The profound personal sacrifices made by these scientists
  • RNA technology as a game changer in the field of medicine

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