Dr. Katie Takayasu is an Integrative Medicine physician, author of Plants First: A Physician’s Guide to Wellness Through a Plant-Forward Diet, and speaker in the holistic health space, bridging the gap between traditional Western medicine and the evidenced-based complementary health tools of nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, botanicals and lifestyle optimization. She works one-on-one helping patients to recognize their own innate wisdom for finding balance in the mind, body and spirit and in group settings with the gentle but effective Dr. Katie Detox, a jumpstart to reclaiming wellness and lifestyle balance by harnessing the body’s natural wisdom for detoxification, available in 5-day and 10-day guided resets. She loves being with other people who bring her joy, especially her husband and two sons. Discover Dr. Katie’s Life Kitchen at www.DrKatie.com, on Instagram @DoctorKatie, or in her New Canaan, CT practice.

Learning points:
    1. What is the post-partum period?
    2. What are key areas to focus on in post-partum?
    3. How can eating a plant forward diet support post-partum health?

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