From summiting mountains in sub-zero temperatures wearing only shorts to better handling the daily stress of being a father and being a serial entrepreneur, breathwork has been the catalyst for Reis to find his inner strength and home in on his passions. By sharing progressive yet simple practices to help upgrade one’s life, Reis is focused on bringing a multi- disciplinary approach to breathing. Reis’s breathwork platform, Our Breath Collective, is a first-of-its-kind, offering daily breathing practices, workshops, trainings, retreats and more to its global community. OBC explores breathing practice from a multidisciplinary, human-centric, and principle-based nervous system approach to empower you in building a skillful, adaptive and intuitive breath toolkit to unlock true potential and to inspire the extraordinary in your life.

Learning points:
      • The science of breathing
      • Understanding diaphragmatic breathing
      • The important role of CO2

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Every Tuesday from 11am -12pm I host The Health Hub, an interactive, forward thinking talk show on Radio Maria Canada.   Call, tweet or email your questions as together we explore health issues that are relevant to you from new and innovative points of view.

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