Nikki Costello created MyWholeBody Health and Fitness Coaching as a result of her own personal quest to be healthy and pain free again. After 20 years of competitive gymnastics, dance, running and cheerleading at the national level, she was plagued with severe pain and told she needed to stop doing most of what she loved. Even yoga hurt. She was prescribed toxic pain medications and told she would need to invest 1,000’s of dollars into various therapies in order to maybe find something resembling normal. The problem was that she was only 26. Instinctively, she knew there was another way. Thus the exploration began. 16 years later, Nikki remains completely pain free and does everything she loves: cycling, running, surfing, dancing, yoga and snowboarding. Her system of care has now become the answer for 1000’s of people looking for solutions, not quick fixes, to complex and unsolvable problems. By combining science, experience and wisdom, Nikki has cultivated an incredible skill set that allows her to find the root causes of almost any dysfunction. She strategically develops customized plans of care to uncover your original blue print of health and wellness allowing you to live a life of resilience and vitality. She brings empathy, enthusiasm and inspiration to each of her clients while offering a logical, systematic approach for achieving results. The key word? Results. It works. It’s proven. It speaks for itself and she has 1000’s of testimonials to prove it. Nikki has committed her life and learning to understanding what it takes to achieve resilience and longevity in these human bodies. She is a walker of the talk and does not ask her clients to do anything she has not tested. She spent 8 years working in a physical therapy clinic with highly sought after Dr. Mark Barnes, fascia and spine expert. She has spent the last 3 years studying with the world renowned Dr. Guy Voyer, osteopath and creator of the ELDOA Method which is currently used by professional athletes like Tiger Woods and Stephen Curry for their own health and wellness. She is a Holistic Lifestyle Coach through the CHEK institute, a trained Pilates Instructor through STOTT Pilates and a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer. She has also interned extensively with chiropractors, naturopaths and acupuncturists.
Learning points:
  • Why is fascial work so important for proper healing?
  • What is good spinal health?
  • What is the ELDOA Method?

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