Roxana Rafatjah is the Founder of Conscious Enterprises, a thought leadership platform and advisory & consulting service, boosting the evolution of business. Severe health challenges while living a typical Manhattanite lifestyle were the catalyst for Roxana to discover the crucial importance of understanding mind-body-energy balance. During this time, newly sparked curiosities in the relationship between inner-acknowledgement and outer-impact drove her to dive deeper into correlations between flow states, neuro-biology, quantum physics, existentialism, and most notably, businesses, systems, peak performance and leadership.  A self-taught meditator and consultant for prominent brands and leaders, Roxana has applied, experienced and advised on powerful results by recalibrating subconscious intentions in all facets of life. She views the world through a psychological and scientific lens that is revealing humanity’s rapid evolution and the necessity for business leaders to break down limiting belief systems in order to encourage thriving communities to grown around them. Roxana’s intention with Conscious Enterprises is to boost human, management and business evolution by supporting leaders, corporations and brands that intend to connect to an impactful purpose. As a mission & purpose driven executive, Roxana is also the Head of Marketing & Brand Partnerships and a key Advisor for Heuro Health, a healthcare-technology company on a mission to reverse the illness-incentivized healthcare industry by making wellness profitable for businesses and insurance carriers. Roxana grew up in Potomac, Maryland with a Korean mother, Persian father, and a sister. She is a graduate of Boston University. Roxana is currently an Advisor, Wellness Program Curator, Event Producer, Marketing & Business Consultant and Licensed Real Estate Agent in New York City, where she lives with her husband and furry baby Bibi.

Learning Points:

  • What is Conscious Living?
  • What is the evolution of wellness in the business world?
  • How can business leaders influence wellness within their companies?

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