Vanessa Fitzgerald, better known as @VeesHoney, is a Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner. She has a private practice based in Los Angeles where she helps people achieve optimal health. Vanessa specializes in hormone balancing, autoimmune issues, acne, eating disorders, detox from meds, digestive health, IBS, PCOS, thyroid issues, weight loss, anxiety, depression, and more. She offers personalized health, exercise, and lifestyle coaching both in person and over the phone. Along with diet and exercise changes, she tests people for immune challenges, food allergies, heavy metals and more in order to find the underlying causes of symptoms. Vanessa is widely recognized for her very public documentation of her detox off of Adderall – a drug she had been prescribed and addicted to for 13 years. A firm believer that drugs are never the solution, she became an expert in helping others achieve optimal cognitive function, balance their hormones, restore their gut health, and live a joyous life free of medication. Vanessa also serves as a health and wellness expert for EBOOST.

Learning Points:

  • What are the common characteristics and symptoms of PCOS?
  • What is PCOS light?
  • What are the main hormones at play in a PCOS diagnosis?
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