Erin Holt is a board-certified integrative and functional nutritionist helping people re-energize and find real health without restriction. After suffering health issues (chronic digestive problems, eating disorders, anxiety, autoimmune disease) for most of her life without any conventional answers, Erin turned to alternative medicine and functional nutrition for her recovery. Erin couples deep science research & functional testing with holistic healing modalities when working with women to get to the root cause of their health issues. She works with women all over the world through private consultations and online nutrition programs. Her nutrition practice honours the indissoluble link between mind and body.

Learning Points:

  • What a diet culture is
  • Connection between diet culture and Autoimmunity
  • The impact of Food Fear

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Every Tuesday from 11am -12pm I host The Health Hub, an interactive, forward thinking talk show on Radio Maria Canada.   Call, tweet or email your questions as together we explore health issues that are relevant to you from new and innovative points of view.

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