Desiree Jaworski is Executive Director of the Center for Safer Wireless, a national nonprofit whose mission is to enhance public understanding of wireless technology and to recommend products to help mitigate the biological impact from wireless technology. She has researched, written and lectured on the topic of wireless radiation extensively. She has advocated for protective public policy regarding wireless technology at the Federal, State and Local level.  Her expertise has been featured in many local and national television reports, newspaper articles and documentaries regarding her work raising awareness on smart meters, wireless technology, 5G and the findings of the National Toxicology Program.  Recently, she was on the Dr. Oz television show.  She directs the Center’s public outreach programs, which include movie screenings, scientific forums and presentations.

Learning Points:

  • What is 5G?
  • What is its’ impact on the environment and our health?
  • How do we protect ourselves from the radiation emitted from these small cells?

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