Salads are perhaps the perfect way to incorporate the best of all worlds when it comes to healthy food.  In one bowl you can pack in just so many nutrients, tastes and healthy fiber your cells will sing!

Your opportunity to create amazing side dishes and full on meals are limitless!

Think About It!

Go beyond your common lettuces!  Give peppery arugula a shot.  Add in some fennel for a new taste. Rip in radicchio for colour!

Make your taste buds pop by adding some fruit.  Strawberries, apple and grapes are the bomb for adding sweetness and more of a colour profile.

Meal Time!

Want to save yourself some time?

Care to be outside at this time of year instead of in the kitchen?

Make your salad a meal by adding great proteins.  Let’s talk nuts, seeds and beans shall we?

Add some chicken or turkey slices.

Oh my goodness when it comes to salads the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Take Advantage of the Season

This is the time of year when our options for fresh, local produce abounds.

Salads are refreshing and the perfect way to add summer time tastes to your dinner table.

Use vegetables that are new to you.  Try different colours of veggies that are familiar to you.

Visit your local Farmer’ Market. I wrote not too long ago about the benefits of shopping at local markets in this post Great Reasons to Shop Local and Support Our Farmers. Take a read and see their wonderful benefits.

7 FREE Healthy Salad Dressing For You!

I have put together 7 of my favourite Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes for you to help save you time and to help make your salad creations pop!

They are easy to make and all use wonderful healthy ingredients.

Don’t be afraid to put your own personal touches on these dressings.  You can swap out herbs for instance.  If you like a more lemony or vinegary flavour have at it!

Here is the link for the Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe.

Or hit the download box below.


Salad Dressing Recipes

Do enjoy!


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