Jonathan Thomas is a Life & Relationship Coach in Toronto and throughout the GTA. Working with clients on a wide range of topics such as anxiety, depression, job performance/fulfillment, love/relationships, overall happiness, and sport performance.  Jonathan’s coaching methods and techniques can help any person looking to make a positive change in their life. For over 10 years (2007-2017) Jonathan helped clients reach their fitness goals as an in-home personal trainer. This decade of training experience consisted predominantly of being welcomed into people’s homes and seeing what life was like for clients at their most open, true, and unguarded state.  Jonathan became aware of the complexity of the human mind and all the barriers and catalysts of change.  By witnessing and helping hundreds of clients (many of them husbands and wives) attempt to make changes in their lives, in-home personal training awakened his passion and skill for life and relationship coaching.  It was not in his or his clients’ successes, but in their failures and struggles where he became a firm believer that there was always a way to break through no matter the person or situation.  Being armed with the desire to learn and discover more about human behavior and why people do the things they do, Jonathan has built and continues to build a variety of ways to help enrich, enhance and add value to his clients’ lives.

Learning Points:

  • What are some common issues that couples deal with?
  • Is marriage realistic in 2019?
  • How can couples cultivate healthy relationships?

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Every Tuesday from 11am -12pm I host The Health Hub, an interactive, forward thinking talk show on Radio Maria Canada.   Call, tweet or email your questions as together we explore health issues that are relevant to you from new and innovative points of view.

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