Integrative Cancer Care is becoming more mainstream as we are understanding that the health of cancer patients needs to be tended to as well as the disease.  A well designed Integrative cancer care plan considers the whole person, mind, body and soul.  It addresses the patient’s nutritional needs before, during and post treatment.  It takes in to consideration lifestyle factors such as exercise and sleep patterns.  Environmental factors that can influence toxic load are discussed and modified where possible.  Attention to mindset and stress management is a key area that is often neglected but vital for patient outcome.

The study cited below examined an integrative approach for breast cancer patients:

“The integration of a 12-week CIM (Complimentary and Integrative Medicine) intervention in conventional supportive cancer care may reduce nausea and improve appetite in patients with breast/gynecological cancer undergoing chemotherapy.”

Effect of a 12-week integrative oncology intervention on gastro-intestinal concerns in patients with gynecological and breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy

Preparing patients for treatment and managing side effects is a key area of integrative care.  If we can strengthen a patient’s immune system before treatment and understand possible side effects of that treatment we can at the very least mitigate severity.

And a life long path of integrative preventative care is essential not only for each and every cancer patient but for all people as we hope to live a life of health and vitality.

Your Integrative Cancer Care needs to start today.


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