The Holiday Season is upon us and with that inevitably comes STRESS. Stress to get the house decorated, to entertain, to buy the right gift, to host the perfect party. The list goes on. There are so many sites and posts on the internet giving tips on how to manage stress that even finding the right avenues becomes stressful!

Well, I hope to help you with what I believe to be the Top 5 Tips for Reducing Stress during the Holiday Season.

Take Time for Yourself

Plan time during your day to exercise, meditate, get outside! Walking is a great way to relieve stress and the fresh air will clear your mind.

Set a Budget and stick to it!

Plan out how much you want to spend and stay with what you can afford.

Say No Sometimes

You don’t have to say yes to every party invite. This is the time of year to be with the people that you want to be with. Don’t be afraid to say no to an invite that you know will only be out of obligation and/or will not provide you any joy.  The same idea applies if you are the host.  Bring people to you that will help you to celebrate the season.  Enjoying is every bit as important as giving joy.

Keep It Simple

Do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself, whether it be decorating the house, cleaning, providing the perfect meal. Everything does not have to be perfect nor should you do it all yourself. Delegate, delegate, delegate. You’d be surprised how many people are looking to do something and are happy to help!

Practice Forgiveness & Acceptance

Just because it’s the Holiday Season, it doesn’t mean that people will change how they are. Knowing and accepting this prior to get togethers will help to put you in to a good mindset and make your Holiday Season a happy one.

I wish you all the best for this Holiday Season and I hope that you delight in what this time of year is about, celebrating and being with the ones you love.

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