The lymphatic system is designed to eliminate cell waste. If our bodies are overloaded with toxins the lymphatic system can become bogged down and not function optimally. To overcome this toxic overload it is important to have methods that aid in decreasing toxins and to help the lymphatic system to function properly.  Below are 4 methods that you can implement to help stimulate your lymphatic system.


Lymphatic fluid circulates through the lymph vessels that pass between the muscles of our bodies heading in one direction towards the heart. Because the lymphatic system does not have a pump, it relies on the contracting skeletal muscles to move the lymph along. Therefore, exercise plays a vital role in lymphatic fluid circulation.

REBOUNDING is one example of an excellent exercise benefiting the lymphatic system.

A rebounder is the equivalent of a small trampoline.  Jumping on a rebounder greatly improves the circulation of lymphatic fluid within the body as muscular contractions push the fluid through the lymphatic vessels.  When the muscular contraction is used in combination with deep breathing, lymphatic circulation is enhanced even more.

Dry brushing

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system helping it release toxins.

Dry skin brushing helps the lymphatic system to clean itself of the toxins that collect in the lymph glands. This aids in giving the lymph fluid a better flowing consistency helping the lymphatic system to work more efficiently.

Dry brushing in combination with regular exercise prevents stagnation and accumulation of the waste products that can deposit in our muscles, organs and joints.

Going Braless

Many types of bras restrict the movement of the breasts and impede lymphatic circulation. Try to wear a bra less than 12 hours daily and not to bed.



Hydrotherapy is a time-honoured technique that uses the properties of water such as temperature and pressure to stimulate the removal of toxins from elimination organs and the lymphatic system. There are many different types of hydrotherapies, including saunas, colonics and simple hot and cold showers.

Hot and cold showers are an especially convenient and effective method of hydrotherapy. The alternating hot and cold water creates an ongoing contraction and relaxation of blood vessels and other tissues, resulting in a pumping effect that helps pump blood and lymphatic fluid through tissues more efficiently, clearing out the waste and bringing in the nutrients. A common protocol is 2 cycles of a 2 minute hot shower and 30 seconds cold.



Your lymphatic system is an important part of your immune system.  Implementing one or more of the above strategies will support your lymphatic system and help to strengthen your immune system.

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