Fresh strawberries are plump, red and just a delicious summer treat.  In Ontario strawberry season spans the months of June and July.  Fun fact, strawberries are a member of the rose family.  And here is another fun fact.  Those ‘seeds’ that we see on the outside of strawberries aren’t actually seeds. They are the fruits of the strawberry plant and inside each of these tiny fruits are teeny tiny seeds.  The red, fleshy part is the base of the flower.

Strawberries are a top antioxidant food making them a smart choice in a healthy diet. They are high in vitamin C and manganese and contain a good punch of fiber.

Strawberries continue to make the Dirty Dozen list.  The Environmental Working Group is the author of the Dirty Dozen list and they reported in their 2017 release that a single sample of strawberries showed upwards of 20 different pesticides.  Key take away, when and if possible buy your strawberries organic.

Popping these yummy berries like candy is the best way to eat them but if you want to change things up a bit here is simple, healthy recipe for Strawberry Jam.  Just click on the recipe card below.



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