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chaga mushroom

Blair was suffering from severe anxiety, depression, heavy metal

poisoning and gastrointestinal disease. Even after repeated tests,

ultrasounds, scopes, and endless blood work doctors still failed to

identify the root cause of his afflictions.

Refusing to take conflicting prescription medication which was causing

more side effects and complications, Blair kept persisting with requests for

a more holistic means of treatment.  Upon receiving a registered letter

from his family doctor that he was no longer a patient, Blair felt

abandoned by western medicine.

Exhausted and deflated Blair discovered the ability to heal himself with

the amazing Chaga Mushroom. Astounded by the dramatic results, Blair

shared his insights and experience with friends and family who also

experienced profound results.

Blair is now free of all prescription medications and no longer suffers

from peptic ulcers, anxiety attacks, stress & depression. His loving wife

Heather no longer needs medication for blood pressure, acid re-flux or

arthritis. Time and time again, we share our story with others so they

can also experience the healing affects of Chaga Mushrooms.


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