comfort zone

It’s been a busy time family wise and business wise. So much so that reflection has come only in the mirror these days. But in the midst of a flurry last week driving hither and yon, while thinking about how my to do list keeps on lengthening, I couldn’t help but think of how much I just wanted to be in my track pants. Literally.

I was tired. I didn’t ease in to 2017. It felt as though I was shot out of a cannon.  One that I fired myself.  I had just finished running my first online detox program, doing a talk for a group of marathoners and hitting 3 university in 5 days with my daughter who is looking for a landing spot next year.   This in addition to our clinic practice, which is taking on a head of steam of its own.

It’s constantly pointed out by all of the successful people in the world that it is by moving outside of our comfort zone that we get our greatest opportunity for growth and achievement.  I don’t disagree.

In fact for the greater percentage of time I do believe that pushing the envelope is necessary to gain ground on the successes that I desire.  But I also think that there are times when taking my foot off of the accelerator, stepping back and regrouping is also an opportunity for my growth through a process that perhaps I don’t appreciate as much as I should.  Reflection.  Reflection is a necessary part of growth.  Weeding out the good versus the bad; the necessary versus the irrelevant.  Reflecting offers me the opportunity to regroup and recharge before my next push beyond the boarders of my safe zone.  Reflecting helps me to regain my focus.

Although my comfort zone  is the space that, for a large portion of time, I work so hard to breach the borders of, it is also the space that I don’t.  It is the space where I don’t have to try so hard.  It is a space where I don’t feel guilty about the status quo.  It is the space where I can relax and just settle for things the way they are.

It is that lovely space where the tea is hot, the phones are quiet and where my track pants are the dress code de jour.  My comfort zone.






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