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The holidays are filled with fun, family and friends and often sprinkled with a showering of stress for many of us.  And yes potlucks are a great way to take the load off hosts but they can pose a bit of a challenge for those who are contributing.  How much is enough? Vegetarian or meat eaters?  I don’t want my dish to be the only not touched!  Stressful am I right?

So the goal is to present an appetizing dish to the majority (because let’s face it, you won’t please everyone) while not spending the day in the kitchen AND to gently stroke your ego by coming home with an empty tray.

So why not wraps and skewers?  And especially if there will be kids at your function.  They can cover the vegetarian crowd, the meat-eating crowd, the gluten-free crowd and if you really want to impress, you can even satisfy the vegan crowd.

The sky is the limit  for your creative juices when it comes to what will actually go in to your wraps and on to your skewers.  But I’ll share with you what I did this week.

Here is how I put my tray together.

For the wraps I combined tzatziki with feta cheese for the sauce.  The vegetarian wraps were filled with quinoa,  spiralized carrots, and julienne of red pepper, cucumber and red onion. Then topped with pea sprouts.  For the protein in the meat wraps, I replaced the quinoa with chicken.

My skewers were simply pineapple and marinade shrimp, grilled and topped with coconut.  The recipe is below or you can get it here.

Of course presentation is important so I cut my wraps on an angle to show the festive colours and then I simply garnished the tray with arugula.

And there you go.  Your Potluck meal is done.  Time to enjoy the party!


wraps and skewers

Pineapple Shrimp Skewers


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