Holiday season is in full swing.  Planning, purchasing, partying.  It’s the one time of year to forget all the rules and just enjoy.  And I am all in for that.  I really am.

So I am not going to harp on the fact that things like stress, lack of sleep, shortened daylight hours and sugar can weaken your immune system leaving you vulnerable to things like colds and flus.   I am not.  There will not be a naughty list.

What I am going to do is write a nice list.  A few easy things that can help you to stay on your healthy track and carry you seamlessly in to 2016.

So here we go.

  • Write yourself lists.  Trying to remember all that you need to do, buy, pick up, drop off is stressful!  Lists are an easy way to take this aspect of stress out of your holiday season.
  • Before your party have a snack to curb your appetite.  A little bit of fullness goes a long way to avoiding the dessert tray.
  • Pass on the mixed drink and grab a glass of red wine.  Mixed drinks are full of sugar.  Red wine is fermented!
  • Drink water under the mistletoe.  Alcohol is dehydrating.  Water is not.  The Ying to the alcohol Yang.
  • Right hand nuts, left hand cookie tray (or vice versa if you are a lefty).  Nuts contain healthy fats, fiber and protein.  Most cookies do not.
  • Grab a plate.  Fill it up.  Move away.  Don’t graze around food table.
  • Stand while you talk.  Sitting too long slows everything down.
  • After a wonderful evening out, go home, shut down all your gizmos, turn off all the lights and get some sleep.  Quantity at this time of year may be wishful thinking so we are going for quality here.
  • When a new day begins, hydrate with water and take your vitamin D.  Our shortened days at this time of year severely impede our ability to get vitamin D naturally.  Vitamin D is essential for immunity.
  • Then recharge with a healthy breakfast and look forward to another great day!

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and health and happiness in 2016!

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