By and large starting anything new goes hand in hand with a steep learning curve. Such has been the case for me venturing into a new business. Trying to get a grip on social media, business plans and all things entrepreneurial quickly brought me to the understanding that I desperately needed help from someone who knew what they were doing. In fact it became crystal clear after a 4-hour struggle to put together a Facebook cover page that fit in to the Facebook parameters.

My blog today is a bittersweet introduction of a very long labour of love, my website

I began this project almost one year ago with my brother-in-law. We bantered back and forth often. He pulled me in when my ideas were off the mark, taught me the ins and outs of what good websites should be, and gently pushed me to delve deeper in to my true motivations for what I really wanted to do and whom I wanted to reach. And he spent hours learning a new program because I saw a format that I liked. He was my go to.

As many of you know we lost Keith this past September 2015 to cancer. He never got to finish what he started but his influence remains throughout my site. And I think he would approve of the job Connie Tseng @ctseng86 did in producing the final project. She stepped in seamlessly and completed the vision directing the show and taking care of the layers of a website that I didn’t know existed. I am grateful to her and am blessed to have her in my corner.

So I invite you to visit my website  As well as giving you an insight of who I am and what I do, I hope it can become a launch pad for interaction and a place to meet once and a while for informative posts and passing thoughts.






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  1. Cathy, It’s very uplifting on those down days that we’re all having to see Keith’s legacy live on. Thank you.

    1. He is surely missed Greg

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