A newer area of study in cancer research further points to the importance of working to cultivate our microbiome. Termed the Oncobiome, research is uncovering how certain bacteria may strengthen our immune system aiding in the fight against cancer.  This area of study continues to underline what researchers in various other areas of health study are finding.  Our microbiome plays a significant role in our health.  And this takes us back to square one.  The majority of our microbiome resides in our gut.  It plays a significant role in our intestinal health, metabolism and immunity. Fed well our microbiome is our friend.  Starved for proper nutrients the delicate balance between our good and bad microbes tips in the wrong direction and opens the door for disease.  A healthy microbiome is cultivated by a good diet and appropriate lifestyle choices and it is far easier to achieve this before disease sets in.


gut bateria

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