For me music has the power to tap in to my emotional being.  As I sit here listening to Wiz Khalifa, I can almost feel the loss of a man I knew only from a screen.  Some music inspires me and other pieces are my melancholy friends. Music can pull me out of a mood or join me in one. If you have ever tapped your toe to a beat, shed a tear over a lyric or sang along in the car on a top down kind of day you’ve felt its power too.  For me it is a wonderful vehicle to tap in to that part of myself that I often do not have the time or energy for.  My emotions.

As time passes we have the opportunity for wisdom.  One of the pearls that I have learned is the value of allowing myself to feel my emotions; happy, sad or otherwise because they are neither right nor wrong.  They just are.  They are meant to come in, to be felt and then let go leaving behind a lesson, a heightened memory or nothing at all.  But whatever their purpose at any given time, our emotions are a reflection of our most intimate self.  They are a unique interplay of many things including our experiences, environments and our perceptions thereof.  They are what makes us human and connected.

We often work very hard keeping our emotions in check and perhaps rightly so.  But every now and again when an emotion is evoked allow Pandora’s box to open and revisit that moment, time and place.  Cry, punch a pillow or belt out a song.  And allow yourself the opportunity to feel and to be vulnerable.  Because this is a part of who you are and the story you tell every day of your life.

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