Reducing stress is a key component to our overall health. I don’t think many would argue this. Nor would many dispute the fact that the people we are surrounded with go a long way in determining our stress environment. Positive people are inspiring and uplifting and negative ones are draining. It certainly is good advice to surround ourselves with positive people.

Translating that good advice in to everyday life however can be a beast. Let’s face it, we can’t always choose the people we find ourselves with. And to be perfectly frank those we most often find ourselves surrounded with can swing back and forth in their effect.  Solely to support my premise and not wanting to point any fingers, I will use myself as an example. Generally I am a positive person. But there are occasions, I have been told, by my family, where my aura is somewhat uninviting. Personally, in most of these occasions that I have been made aware of, I feel that I am justified in my demeanour.  But whatever.

So back to the question at hand.  How can I ensure that I am surrounded with those who will provide me with the environment of tranquility, peace and understanding that I require to ensure that illusive, stress free environment that I so need for my optimum health?  Well short of packing up a few good books and moving to Margaritaville, I can’t.  But with a little hard work, patience and understanding I can at least find good company with the one constant I find in every environment that I am in.  Me.  If I can maintain a vice grip around my household surely I can become that person who adds a positive charge to the environment I find myself in. And in those moments, when my aura is misunderstood,  I can at least walk hand in hand with me, myself and I to that happy place that only we understand.

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