So my family and I have had a bit of life thrown at us lately. Heaps of it actually and as I sat and talked to my daughter about things I made a comment to her that I do not remember having to deal with so much as a child. For some reason that thought went to bed with me. At first I was trying to rationalize things but in doing so my thoughts began to change in to memories and recollections of the many wonderful moments that have filled our lives so far. It then became a speedway of snapshots that led me to the understanding that we are blessed with a photo album chalk full of family and friends and great times that we have shared together.

My children have grown up within a very large circle, bigger than what I had as a child and with that comes its share of sadness. Those are just the odds we play with. But the upside is so much more. So for my daughters, my sons, my nieces and nephews here is my reflection for you. Life isn’t about dancing between the raindrops. It’s about fully experiencing the highs of our sunny days so that when the rainy ones do come they are but bittersweet reminders of the fullness of a life being well lived.

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