I recently had my semi annual check up with my oncologist and although I have been there many, many times before, the drive down Bayview Ave. to Sunnybrook Hospital still fills me with trepidation. It shouldn’t but it does.  The building stirs up such emotions that I think it will be forever thus.  Anyways this is actually a digression from where I want to be going.

I like to share with you information, ideas and personal reflections relating to cancer, my cancer story, health and wellness and really anything else that I think you may find interesting.

But nowhere will you find posts intentionally trying to stir up fear.  I don’t believe in it.  I think it is a cowardly way to get one’s point across and it undermines intelligence.  Enough said.

Most of you know that my own treatment for breast cancer was and continues to be a marriage of allopathic/medical treatment in combination with complimentary/alternative therapy.  And by alternative I mean nutrition and lifestyle applications.  I don’t believe that these two approaches go head to head but rather hand in hand.  I feel strongly that my medical team is second to none and working completely for my wellbeing.  I am not told what to do rather I am given my options and I make my decisions.  My doctors treat me with the utmost respect, compassion and intelligence.  During my medical treatments I informed my doctors of what I was doing in the natural realm and if concerns on their behalf arose we discussed and decisions were made.

Perhaps some may not be blessed with such care.  If this is the case I encourage you to search for better because in my heart of hearts I do believe that the future of cancer care is now and it is one of tolerance between Allopathic and  Complimentary Health Care with the ultimate goal being the appreciation in each camp of the outstanding value of both.

I’ll end here with a quick but heartfelt congratulations to my oncologist Dr. Sunil Verma @cancermd for his recent promotion to Medical Director, LouiseTemerty Breast Cancer Centre.

And to Dr. Danny Vesperini @dr_vesi for a great conversation and continued good fortune on the links!

These two guys make going to the hospital much easier.

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