In a few short months I will be graduating as an Holistic Nutritionist. This coupled with my certification as a Cancer Coach will enable me to step in to the world of Alternative Health Care. While I am very proud of this industry and try to live my life by its standard, there are aspects of it that creep up now and again causing me to take pause in my enthusiasm. This particular subject strikes a chord.

Recently Angelina Jolie was back in the news announcing that she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as a cancer preventative measure. This followed her earlier decision to remove her breasts for the same reason. Whether or not you care to know or agree with her making her private life public is not at issue here. The decision of whether or not to follow her story is yours. The motivation for her telling it is hers. What I wrestle with is the judgment put upon her by those who do become involved in her story. Often the loudest critics are from those in Alternative Health.

I do not know much about her journey but I am confident in saying that both of her surgeries were well thought out, researched and motivated by values and feelings that we are not privy to. I am also confident in saying that her decisions were not easy ones.

Whether or not this would be your decision for prevention is not the issue. There is no right or wrong in such circumstances. There are only gut wrenching decisions to be made following the acquisition and assimilation of knowledge and hours of personal reflection.

Being book wise, patient/client experienced or even faced with a similar circumstance, in my opinion, does not qualify anyone to sit in judgment of her choices.

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