So our microwave caught on fire. I’d like to say that I lit the match but quoting Shaggy “It wasn’t me”. Can’t say I’m sad. I have been trying to get rid of that space sucking nutrient robbing piece of equipment for a long time now but have run in to serious opposition from my co-habitators upon suggesting such a preposterous thing. Looking at me as if I had just been issued a day pass, I get questions like “Well then how would I heat up my Burrito?” “What modern day family doesn’t own a microwave?” “Are you freaking serious?”

My family has actually been pretty good about jumping aboard the nutrition train that I started driving a few years ago. This however appears to be a game changer. Expediency and convenience are trumping my nutrition arguments. And I know they mean business when a family meeting is requested and we have a quorum!

My son has threatened to buy a new one and put it in his room. I guess where a microwave is concerned money is no object. Where to buy one however, seems to be stumping him.

I actually have no idea how this will end. But hoping for it to go my way, I have quietly started to move things in to the space once occupied by our deceased appliance.

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