So what exactly is a Cancer Coach and why did you become one?

I have been asked both of these questions many times. Here are my answers.

The Cancer Coaching program was designed for and by Health Care Professionals to fill a void in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery. I firmly believe that a comprehensive cancer protocol must include a strong nutritional and lifestyle component to be truly effective. Unfortunately as the incidence of cancer diagnoses continues to increase, doctors are becoming overwhelmed and simply cannot give patients the scope of care that is needed to lead their patients through cancer treatment, recovery and prevention. Protocols offered by us to our clients are solidly rooted in evidenced based research and are continually updated to reflect current findings.

There are approximately 1500 cancer coaches certified by Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc. Coaches come from various backgrounds including doctors, nurses and nutritionists.  My background is Nutrition.

So the second question is why am I a Cancer Coach?

I am a Cancer Coach now because I was a cancer patient before. As I incorporated each of them into my own protocol, I understand intimately both conventional and alternative approaches to treatment. And I understand the emotions tied to a cancer diagnosis. I want to be a part of the new direction of cancer care; one that considers the whole person and the whole disease. I believe in hope. I believe that inner strength is limitless and I believe that both are fostered by knowledge and empowerment.

For me this is what a Cancer Coach is. This is what a Cancer Coach does. And this is why I am one of them.

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