Going through a serious illness is every bit as much a psychological struggle as it is a physical one and in moments of weakness your mind can take you to dark places that can be hard to return from. It is in these times that the love, support and encouragement of family and friends is as critical to your success in battle as your medical team. There is no room for ego. You will quickly find out who your network is and you must use them because your energy focus must solely be on getting better. Leave the rest to your team and use their strength when yours is waning. They don’t want your gratitude. They want your presence. There will be time later for thanks.

For me later is now and although my words will fall short of expressing my profound love and gratitude to you my people, I want to say them anyways. You held me in your arms when I cried.

You came to every doctor’s appointment and treatment that I had and there were so many. You called me every day. You cooked for my family when I couldn’t. You never turned away from me when you were afraid. You prayed for me and you shed tears that you thought I didn’t see. You were my support. My people. My tribe. I felt your presence with me always. It is what gave me the strength to carry through.

Thank you.

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