As I sit here knee deep in studying Nutritional Pathology, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic looking back over the past 19 months or so that I have spent in the company of some wonderful ladies who are the CSNN Richmond Hill Wednesday Night class. Amidst commitments of family, employment and just the unending busyness of life, we have stayed committed to our studies each week and have found the time for hours of external work to fulfill our course requirements. It could have become overwhelming but somehow we’ve done it. We have been vulnerable in discussions. We’ve talked of our kids, of relationships, of challenging course material and somehow as a unit we have supported each other and pushed forward as a group to within eyesight of the finish line.

The fundamental premise of Holistic Nutrition is that our health is a synergistic relationship between the food we consume, the environment we find ourselves in and our perception of it. Mind, body, soul. To commit to only one aspect of this can not in and of itself lead us to our best health. Yes our food choices are important. But so too is finding ourselves in environments with people that nourish our being.

So to all of my inspiring teachers, the students who have come in and out of the program and the class that will stand with me on graduation day thank you for inspiring me, motivating me and enriching my world.

Cheers Ladies!

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